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Do you provide Storage facilities?

The storage of goods is looked after by our sister company Store My Stuff. This is a reputed company that provides high quality storage services using a unique system which is one of its kind. Store My Stuff has built a system that halves the goods handling by taking a Storage unit to the customer directly. It is very popular among customers because it helps them to save up to 65 percent of the costs.Its professional and efficient staff always aims to provide excellent services to clients.To get further information about this kindly visit us www.storemystuff.com.au or call us on 1300 210 166

What kind equipment does your vehicles Carry?

Blankets, straps, shrink wrap, hand trolley, basic tools and other necessary moving equipment are the equipment that are present in the vehicle. Other equipments such as Power tool box, platform trolleys and so on can also be arranged for if the client needs them.At the time when the booking is made, customers are requested to inform us regarding any other kind of moving equipment that may be required.We don’t want to keep lot of tools and equipment in the Truck just to save space for the actual goods.

Are all my Goods insured in Transit?

Goods in Transit insurance is generally not automatically covered. We will take complete care of your goods when we are moving them, but situations may arise where factors outside our control can place your belongings at risk. Thus, to ensure the protection of your effects, it is advised that you get a “goods in transit” insurance before moving them. Our friendly and well informed staff can help you in suggesting some insurance companies you may need.

Does your company also provide packaging services ?

Yes,We do offer packing service to help you pack the smaller things of the house, such clothes, Kitchen utensils, books etc.. You can choose to get the packaging done on the day of moving or before that, as per your convenience. The bigger things such as Fridge, Couches, Wardrobes are generally packed on the day of the move in Blankets/Shrink Wrap by the movers. We can also provide you with packing materials like tapes and boxes, bubble wrap with a free delivery*. Call us to get more information and order the exact services you require without any delay.

Is it safe to lie the fridge down?

Experts have told us that the fridge can be moved……
The fridge can be moved in the horizontal position provided it is turned off for a couple of hours before laying down and it can be safely used after 24 hours have elapsed in the upright position.However, if you have concerns and prefer to move it in the upright position, you can book an open tray or a truck. Kindly, let us know regarding this at the time of booking.

What size truck do I require?

To avoid unnecessary inconvenience on the day, it is important that a right size vehicle is booked. Booking a truck that is too big will result in unnecessary costs and booking a truck too small may result in inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

Based on the information you give us at the time of booking, we try to ascertain on what size truck you may need. Consider the following:

1. Distance you are travelling : The far you are going, the better it is to to book a truck slighly bigger that what you may need as coming back for a second trip will not be a viable option.

2. Parking restrictions: Ensure you have parking space for the truck you are wanting to book.

3. Furniture / Personal items.

Coming back for a second trip doesn’t necessarily cost extra. The only extra cost is the travel time between 2 places. Loading and unloading remains same. For eg, loading 2 small trucks will take same time as loading 1 big truck, similarly unloading 2 small trucks will take same time as unloading 1 big truck, hence its mainly the travel time between 2 places.

Remember, if in doubt, its best to go bigger. It usually takes slighly less time to load when truck is bigger than what you need as movers don’t have to spend as much time to stack things.