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Take Care while Moving Beds Safely

Beds are the most comfortable and magical place for everyone. It is one of the important parts of our home. It varies according to sizes and materials used in it. It can be bulky, heavy and of different parts.

While shifting to a new place you get worried, about how to shift your bed safely as it is huge and bulky too, at times. It can actually become an easy job by following few steps.

There are various steps to be followed to shift your bed safely to new home. They are as follows:

  • Step 1: Get a big cloth to wrap the mattress with it. You may need two or three people to help you if it is too heavy. Holding it upside down take it out of the room and place it firmly in the truck. Never drag it or force it to move as it can get torn.
  • Step 2: Try to disassemble the bed frame, if your bed is a king size one you must disassemble it to move it safely and easily.
  • Step 3: When moved out, wrap the bed frame and parts with blankets to prevent scratches, especially if it’s a wooden bed frame.
  • Step 4: Hire a truck if you don’t own one. With the help of some people load those in the truck and you are ready to shift. Make sure the truck can fit in your bed properly.
  • Step 5: Make sure you arrange them in truck properly; the mattress must be kept at the side with the box spring and the frame in the middle. No weighty thing should be placed over the mattress.

Disassemble of the bed:

Breaking down or disassembling the bed is essential to save space and protect the bed. But it should be done with proper care as it may damage your bed if few steps are not followed:

Things needed: Screw driver, hammer, pen, tape, and a bag.

  • Step1: Find out the joints in your beds and undo them.
  • Step2: Screw driver can do this but in some cases hammers help a lot.
  • Step 3: Label each part with the tape and pen so that while putting them back you can remember where to put them back.
  • Step4: Disassemble the parts neatly and pack the screws and bolts in the bag.
  • Step 5: Pack the similar pieces together.

Moving/shifting a bed can be an easy job if done with proper care and instructions.

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