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Moving Dining Table and Chairs Safely – Some Tips

Changing homes and relocating can be extremely stressful, and the situation gets even more complicated when you are moving all the furniture along. While many folks choose to sell their old furniture items before moving, others prefer keeping their much cherished items even when they are moving to a new house. If you fall under the second category of people, you must start thinking about how you will be moving furniture items of various rooms.

While moving beds and couches can be fairly easy, things like the dining table and chairs need extra attention. In order to get the job done smoothly, you must hire a competent furniture moving company that can assist you with the job. Here is how it is done:

Remove bolts:

The dining table cannot be moved as it is. Because of its large size, the table may not even fit in the truck. That is why the various re-attachable parts need to be taken out separately so that it becomes easier to move the item. In order to do this, you need to remove the bolts holding onto the legs and the table top. Various tools like the screwdriver, socket set, and pliers may need to be used for this purpose.

Once the bolts are out, you need to put them into a safe and sealed plastic sandwich bag. By keeping them in the bag, you are avoiding the risk of losing them. You should also keep the bag somewhere where children cannot get to it.

Wrap the legs of the table in bubble wrap:

In order to keep the polish and perfection of the table intact, you need to wrap the legs with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap is a better option than normal wrap since it keeps the item safe from impact even if it falls on the ground. This is the best way of making sure the legs of the dining table stays in good condition even after hassles of moving.

Keep the tabletop covered with a blanket:

So, you have taken care of the legs of the table. What about the tabletop? Should you just leave it open and not covered? Of course not! To cover the tabletop, you need to use a blanket. Make sure the blanket will cover the entire space. To secure the material, you can use packing tape.

As far as the chairs are concerned, you can either follow a similar procedure, you may also stack the chairs (if they can be stacked). However, it is better to simply hire a moving company like Move My Stuff who will take the responsibility on their shoulders. Besides, you can always trust the experts with the efficiency of their work!