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Moving A Pool Table Is Easier Than Never Before

A pool table is large and heavy in nature. Besides it is one of your favorite item in the long list of stuffs you had always wanted to buy. It is neither the work of a single person nor a collective group without the knowledge of packing and moving to move a pool table from one place to another. The probable damages that may cause with relocating are; damage of the upper synthetic surface, cracks as a result of manhandle, scratches on the legs and the body of the table Professionals are preferred for this job and it is best recommended that you don’t try doing it yourself as no one want to waste his or her favorite pass time and then obviously regret later.


Using Cloths for Wrapping

Firstly wrap the corners of the table with some heavy cloth like a carpet or a blanket which acts as a shock resistant and prevent your pool table legs from getting unwanted scratches. The corners of any table are very much prone to rough blows as a result of movements and sometimes it cannot be anticipated.

Another important step that is to be taken is to give the surface of the pool table a covering. The synthetic surface does require a great deal of attention while playing though but once the surface is torn it is hard to recover and you need to replace it which gives a blow of huge cost. Avoiding that would be very easy as just some preventive measures would help you avoid some damage.

Step 2

Using a Wooden Dolly

Next what you will need is a wooden dolly in order to actually move the table. A wooden dolly is a plank with wheels on it. To move the table lifts one side of the table and place the wooden dolly under the legs. Roll the wooden dolly under two legs. Once done lock the wheel of the dolly so that it remains stationary in one place. Now place the other two legs on top of the dolly just like the other two and the whole table is now movable. A big cargo van or a truck is good enough to hold the pool table together and ready to take it wherever you prefer.

A Different Approach Is Also Available

Dismantling and Moving

The other way to move it is by dismantling the whole board and wrapping up the parts individually and then loading them in any general cargo van. This however requires a lot of shock resistant materials like cloth, hay in some cases etc. The protection for the surface however requires almost the same material except for the usage of wooden dollies.

The advantage that you have in case of moving a pool table is that no part of it is fragile in nature and requires high tech protection. So a professional packer’s team like Move My Stuff would easily handle it out without leaving behind any scratch.

Author : Alison Katte