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Move Your Flat Screen TV in a Hassle-Free Way

The television that gives your room a different dimension and almost acts like an invisible bond between you and your home needs attention when you are moving it to a distance away from original source . People generally do not have the knowledge as to how to move this particular gadget harmlessly as it is delicate in nature and involves intricacies in terms of its fabric.

The items that are required in order transport a flat screen TV are shock resistant plastic bags, thick cloth having some cushion type material, synthetic hard board covering and Packaging box, but most importantly a thin piece of paper.

Step 1

Dismantle the TV gently and sort out the smaller parts like the stand, the cables etc. then take the screen and on the surface place the thin paper to avoid any scratch on it. We usually do not concentrate on this part and the result is that the screen gets a lot of scratches on it by the time they open up the packing.


Wrap the screen with the shock resistant plastic and tape it well with the body of TV in the rear end with a sticking tape so that the plastic do not fall off. This plastic is usually provided by the company when they are selling the TV itself. However if you do not retain it then the packers do bring in along with them. The paper holds air in small globules in huge numbers on its surface creating a large pressure surface. Thus on contact it does not let the external pressure hit the TV rather absorb, making it prone to external pressure.


Wrap the whole thing with the cloth so that the external surface does not get any damage. This way the whole body is being protected.

Now place the synthetic hardboard in the lower surface of the box and place the TV. Place another hard board of the same material on top of it so that the TV is not moving inside the box during jerkins while moving and is fixed in one place.

People however look into the larger part of the whole appliance but usually ignore the smaller parts. Well this is also a part of the packing that you must not ignore as you don’t want to reach your new destination leaving behind the connecting cable for instance. Even they should be handled with care. A lot of pressure on them would peel off their outer covering and may lead to leakage of electricity or back EMF. It is better that one should carry them in a single bag wrapped well in any kind of paper or a cloth to protect it from getting damaged.

You will and must surely protect your appliance the best way you can but with a bit of expert help you can ensure that the TV is safe. Professional packers and Movers like Move My Stuff do take charge of this seriously and with their expert hand you are sure to let your precious things move from one place to the place you desire without a scratch.