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Is it safe to lay a fridge down while moving

Fridge is the most important appliance in a kitchen. Whenever you need to move and transport it to a different place you face some difficulty in the process. It is a big and heavy instrument with many detachable parts inside. Automatically questions and hesitations rise within you regarding which will be the best way to move it. Is it safe to lay a fridge down while moving it? A common question asked by many people while shifting to a new home.

The honest answer is you can do it but it has a risk. It may happen that some of the oil coming out of the compressor and running up the lines to places where it may cause a restriction. This will obviously cause damage to the fridge and the fridge may stop cooling.

If there is no other option only then you will perhaps agree to accept it and lay it down, but in those situations also try to follow the tips provided by the Appliance Repair Aid.

  • The risk lies with the problem with a fridge on its side is, there is high chance of the oil comes out of the compressor and runs up the cooling lines. So if possible lay the fridge down on the opposite side of where these tubes come out of the compressor. In this way, oil can run up the return line and discharge line, but oil in the process tube will not hurt the fridge or operation.
  • In case you have to lay the refrigerator down, a box or something under the top part of the fridge propping the top to be higher than the bottom would also help keep the oil in compressor.
  • once you reach you destiny and get the fridge down to the desired location, you should keep the fridge in the up-rite position for at least the same amount of time that the refrigerator was laying down to help any oil in the lines to drain back into the compressor before plugging it back in.
  • It is also important that you tape the doors closed when you attempt to move your refrigerator.

In few makes sometimes allow you to lay a fridge down while moving. But generally it is not at all preferred. And it is advisable that you go through the manual of your fridge before you take a decision like this.

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