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How to Protect Flooring While Moving Your Goods

Floors are extremely important in your home which adds value to the looks of your apartment to a large extent. Hence, protecting your floor is necessary while you move your furniture and goods in order to retain the beauty of your investment for years to come. It is not very difficult to pay a little attention towards the flooring by following few simple steps while you move your furniture and goods.

Tips for protecting your floor:

  • Placing a welcome mat outside the front door is a ‘must to follow’ task which will prevent small pebbles and debris from being brought in the home.
  • Lay a rug inside the door within the home to act as a second line of defense in case the welcome mat in some cases fails to do the job.
  • You can use floor runners for wood flooring to maintain the gloss.
  • Do not forget to protect the carpet from dirt with carpet masking.
  • Use Shoe Booties. This will leave your floor clean by providing protection from water and dirt in a easy and affordable way.
  • To protect the flooring sometimes you need to use dollies within your home if the furniture are really very happy. You can use plywood to create a temporary floor over your existing flooring. If plywood is not available using dollies with rubber wheels instead of metal can be the next option.
  • Use sliders for dining room tables, desks, and chair legs to create a barrier between furniture and the floor.
  • Never drag furniture across your hardwood floors. If there is no other option, use a hand truck or take a help from someone to lift the furniture before moving it. If you must drag furniture across the floor, at least slide a small rug beneath the legs of your furniture before moving it. This will act as a protection for your floor.

Be cautious about painted or stained furniture which can easily leave marks on the wall. The marks caused from the color of the furniture transferring to the wall, will be easy to wipe off. But the scratches which have already damaged the paint, is very difficult to mend. Therefore it is always better to remember the proverb a stitch in time can save nine. If you can take prior measures to protect your floor while shifting you can save huge expenses to repair your flooring in the long run.

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Author : Alison Katte