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How to move a Fridge- Safely!

Fridge is a very important appliance in a home and it is something you use or see on daily basis. A new stylish fridge can really improve complete image of the kitchen too, hence it is important you do not leave dents and scratches on any part of your fridge.

We being professional Removalists Melbourne, have all the experience and equipment needed to move your fridge along with other household things to your new place. Few things you may need to move a fridge (YouTube Video) successfully are:

Lot of blankets/Padding
Stretch Wrap
Hand trolley/ Stair Trolley
Protective foam sheet ( not necessary but useful)

Step 1:

If you have a protective foam sheet, wrap around the fridge ( 1 or 2 layers) and seal with a packing tape.

Step 2:

Start wrapping blanket around, preferably starting from end of the side of the fridge coming towards front of the fridge, as usually blankets are not very wide and we must protect the 2 sides and front as first priority.

Step 3:

Once every part of the 3 sides of the fridge are covered with blanket, use a stretch wrap to secure the blankets on the fridge. This is also give extra firmness and avoid the blanket to move avoiding all possibilities of scratches. If you don’t have access to stretch wrap, you can use packing tapes to secure the Blankets.

Step 4:

If the fridge is inside a cabinet/fridge space, you must take the fridge out completely. Do this by simply tilting the fridge towards the back, bringing the back wheels in action and pulling forward at the same time. This ensures that floor underneath is not scratched.

Step 5:

Ensure you have a able trolley to carry the fridge and one with preferably pneumatic tyres as they don’t tend to leave marks on wooden floors. Once fridge is wrapped, only access the back of the fridge to put trolley on. Back of the fridge is very strong and able to carry the weight of the fridge. The only time you should not put the trolley at the back of the fridge is when you have a fridge with the coil at the back, generally found in the older models.

There is a myth that Fridges must be transported standing upright. Experts have told us that it is ok to lay down a fridge if it has been turned off atleast 6-8 hours before the move and it is not turn back on atleast 6-8 hours after the move.

Since lot of times when moving just a fridge, people book in a larger truck just to accommodate the fridge to be stood upright, but it is not required. Lot of Removalists in Melbourne don’t know about it or they just try to upsell a larger truck for this reason.

We at Move My Stuff are proud to always offer honest advice that is in the best interest of our Customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any information regarding moving of your goods. You can visit our website www.movemystuff.com.au to download some free guides to moving.